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HP Slate Training Agenda

Page history last edited by David Valerio 9 years, 3 months ago

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

8:00 AM to 3:00 PM



Edtechtrain Consulting Team:


Sign-Up Link: Click on the link below to sign-in for today's training.




  • 8:00     Welcome and Introductions
      • How do you address technology learning objectives in your classroom?
      • Are you familiar with NETS?
      • What are some of the things you currently do in your classroom to address these standards?
  • 8:30     Meet Your New HP Slate 500: Getting Started with your HP Slate 500 Tablet PC.pdf
      • Ice Breaker, Discussion: How have you used technology to enhance lessons in your classroom?
      • What do you already know about the HP Slate 500? 
      • Talk about some of the parts that make up the HP Slate 500 Tablet PC...
      • Review These Resources...HP Slate 500 Tablet PC  
      • Can you see some potential uses for this new technology in your classroom? 
  • 9:00     Using the HP Slate in Your Classroom
      • Project Ideas: 
        • Can I use the tablet to project my lesson? How do I accomplish this?
        • What are some websites that I currently use which I can now use the table with?
        • What are some of the technology tasks which my students complete which they can now do with the tablet? 
      • Discussion:  How can students use the software in your new HP Slate to influence and enhance their thinking processes?
  • 9:45   Break Time
  • 10:00 Enhancing your Lessons With the HP Slate 
      • Do you have any projects or lessons that you currently use that could be improved by using this tool?
      • Re-Create (rethink and reconfigure one of your current lessons)
      • Remember that the HP Slate can be used for demonstration, explanation, reinforcement, and even student interaction.
  • 10:30  Looking at some of the Pre-Loaded Software Applications in Your HP Slate
    • Evernote
    • SnipIt Tool
    • HP Slate Camera(s)
    • Magnifier 
      • How can you use some of these tools in your ESL classroom? 
      • Can your students use these tools to create and collaborate on projects in your classroom? 
  • 11:30  Lunch
  • 12:30  Review HP Slate Tools   
  • 12:45  Tips for Using Your Slate (and other portable devices) on the Move... 
  • 1:00    Additional Web 2.0 Technologies You Can Use with Your HP Slate 
  • 2:45 Reflection, Questions, Comments
      • Your training site is hosted by PBWorks and is administered by David Valerio at Edtechtrain Consulting.
      • What are some other uses you can envision for the HP Slate in your classroom?
      • What are some of the hurdles you foresee in using this tool with your students?
      • What additional training and support do you think will help you to become an expert in using new technologies in your classroom?


Evaluation Link: Click on the link below to complete a survey about today's training. Please add your comments and opinions to the survey.




Thank You for your time and attention.



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